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Surprise Iceland stopover - Icelandair

Fun project I edited with Saga Film with Guðjón Jónsson at helm as a director. 

Making Magic - David Andersson

 A little inspirational movie montage for a gloomy September

Ever wondered if Star Wars and Orgazmo were linked? Or whether E.T. and Dogma were connected? Well ponder no longer, because that’s exactly what Culturegraphy does

Developed by Kim Albrecht, the interactive visualization brings to life over 100 years of complex relationships between movie references. Each movie is represented by a point, and connecting lines show where a relationship exists (the gradient runs blue from the influencer to red at the influenced).

At first these things look super simple, but explore the interactive visualizations and you’ll realize that there’s a lot to find out. The video, above, goes a long way in showing how much information is packed in. Take a watch, and the go explore the full visualization

Knicks Poetry Slam - Episode 3 Block 1

Here is a little gem from the past. I recently found this segment that I edited for MSG. A fun project about a Poetry Slam competition in NYC that I worked with my boy David Kornfield. The show got 6 NY Emmy nomination including Best Documentary and Best Editing (Hermann H. Hermannsson). 

Great material shot by Rob Hobson and Gabriel Judet-Weinshel and not to mention very talented young poets.

"The Evolution of Green Screen Compositing" by Filmmaker IQ

An interesting look into the history of the visual trickery.

Sci-Fi Since 1902

Nicely Sci-Fi montage of the Sci-Fi powerhouses who shaped the genre.

Brought to you by 60photogramas

Hér má sjá brot af afrakstri síðasliðinna 12 mánaða hjá mér og fleiri góðum í Latabæ.

Sería 4 af Latabæ að klárast nú fyrir páska. 26 þættir í 2 seríum á síðastliðnum 2 árum. 
Skemmtilegt verkefni með góðu fólki á lokametrunum. 


Here below you can see the culmination of the last 12 months in my professional life in LazyTown.

Season 4 is wrapping up at easter. 26 episodes spanning 2 seasons in the last 2 years.
A fun, demanding job with highly talented people.

I dated someone in the military and he was in shock that we were working all of these hours and he was out there saving lives and he’d be home by 4 p.m.: He was in Afghanistan and his hours were better than mine.

Farah Bunch a head of a makeup department talks about the unglamorous, punishing hours of working on a Hollywood set. 

See the very interesting full article here


Sometimes referred to as the “contra-zoom,” it attempts to undermine normal visual perception by zooming in or out on a subject while moving away or towards them, keeping the size of the subject constant in the field of view. Alfred Hitchcock made this camera movement famous in the movie ‘Vertigo,’ so some industry professionals call it the “vertigo effect.”

Vashi Nedomasky, courtesy of his blog Vashi Visuals, has put together the best of the best  when it comes to the dolly zoom, starting with Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo,’ and moving forward in time from there. Comprising of 23 shots — with context of the scenes before and after to  help emphasize the effect — the eight minute video is great look at how one technique can carry different weight depending on the filmmaker, genre and characters involved. —Kevin Jagernauth

"Horizon - How to Film The Impossible" (1985)

Another VFX porn video. This time portraying the early days of “Industrial Light and Magic”

Back when visual effects were created by magicians and not programmers… Originally broadcast in 1985, this edition of Horizon (BBC 50-minute science documentary series) visits Industrial Light & Magic and Entertainment Effects Group to see the creation of the visual effects for ‘Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi,’ ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom’ and ‘2010: The Year We Make Contact.’ “It’s about a time when innovation was made in a machineshop and not via lines of computer code. In many ways it’s a love letter to a bygone era when visual effects were more akin to a stage illusionist tricks or the slight of hand of a magician. Anyhow, it was a seminal moment for me. I hope it brings back fond memories for you.” —Chris Jones  

Pretty amazing stuff

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RED cameras absent from all Oscar cinematography and best picture nomineesInteresting. Arri controls the market (high end at least)9 were shot digital the rest (4) were on film.Taken from EOSHD

RED cameras absent from all Oscar cinematography and best picture nominees

Interesting. Arri controls the market (high end at least)

9 were shot digital the rest (4) were on film.

Taken from EOSHD

Martin Scorcese and Thelma Schoonmaker in the edit room during post work of “Last Temptation of Christ” (1987) where Martin explains ideology of how the layout of an edit room should be.

Pretty interesting casual glimpse of the old ways of editing that still applies to todays workflow.